You're So Vain by Carly Simon

April 20, 2010
This is my entry for the Carly Simon, You're So Vain music video contest.

I didn't end up winning the $10K but it was a good experience to get out there and do some concept, video, and editing work. You can also see the video on Carly's official YouTube channel.

My partner in this endeavour was an old friend, Mike Duhamel. We compacted a lot of travel into a weekend and did our fair share of guerilla shooting work. You may recognize locations such as Niagara Falls, the Butterfly Conservatory, the Scarborough Bluffs, BCE Place, and The Distillery District.

A note about 2 items in the video. Due to some copyright misunderstandings, I had to change the first clip in the TV (the original was much more fun) and blur out all the photos that the mystery man was looking at. Everything else is legal as it is stock footage and an interview from the CBC archives.

You may notice that the iconic song is different from the original back in 1972. This video competition was for a new CD of reworked songs by Carly called Never Been Gone. Our story follows a mystery man as he reminisces about Carly. Is he the one referred to in the song? We'll never know.

Technically it provided some great experience, as a whole set of "green screen" video clips were provided to the contestants. These could then be keyed into other video footage in many interesting ways.

I did all the compositing and editing with Apple's Final Cut Studio and a Matrox MXO at 720p resolution as this is the size the Carly shots were provided in. These clips along with HD stock footage were converted to Apple ProRes 422 format for real time editing. The live footage was shot in HDV on Sony's compact HVR-A1U which is 1080i.

Overall a great experience and an excellent opportunity to get back into the nitty-gritty of video production.