Parallel City

February 17, 2011
My interactive media installation Parallel City has been selected for the curated exhibition Here and There. The show runs from March 2 - 13, 2011 at the Propeller Centre for Visual Arts in collaboration with One Hour Empire.

If you're in Toronto, the opening reception will be on Thursday March 3, 7 - 10 PM. I'll be there so come by and say HI!

I will post photos, some video, and a more detailed and technical description after the opening. Here is my artist's statement as a preview:
Parallel City
Interactive Media Installation
100 x 60 cm

Being a young immigrant to Canada, my Here and There explores the duality of the city I have come to know and love, Toronto.

I am Here, familiar and intimate with every aspect of my city, from the evident to the covert, exploring every corner until the landscape becomes ingrained. I am There, through the magic of cinema an unwitting sleuth, observing and detecting the almost imperceptible, when my city impersonates another.


Through the interactive exhibit, viewers and participants will explore my Here and There by attempting to visually match the real world - Here, with the cinematic world - There. Once matched, they will experience parallel video playback presented through two side-by-side monitors, audio will be provided by stereo speakers.

The left display is Here, and it will present real world video shot in the Toronto landscape corresponding frame-by-frame to the right display, a compelling cinematic scene where Toronto stands in for There. Supporting this visual parallel will be three sound streams, the cinematic score and dialogue for There, and befitting music from a local artist for Here.

During parallel playback, participants will be able to create their own soundtrack to Here and There by using the touch control surface as a fader between all three.

The challenge for the participant is to match up all six Here and There scenes. The reward is a lasting impression of the diversity, adaptability, and beauty of my Here and There, Toronto.