Western Triptychs

May 26, 2011
After my original C-print hanging installation piece Vanishing Point was accepted to the "Scapes" Propeller Gallery exhibition and the annual Latcham Gallery exhibition, I decided to further explore this discipline by reviewing all my photography from two expeditions to the western United States in 2007 and 2009.
What I discovered is that I have several thematic image threads throughout my collection due to various factors such as chosen routes, time of year, similar topography, and just plain old happenstance.

The result is four additional pieces in what I am now calling my Western Triptychs series. Each piece consists of three photographs and three companion graphics. The graphics reveal the exact point in time and space that the photographs were taken.

Neon Stingray

May 24, 2011
Neon Stingray

A generative piece I created online with Silk, by Yuri Vishnevsky. He has also developed a version for iPad (iPhone & iPod coming soon) using donations on Kickstarter.

It’s fun, give it a try!