Neon Stingray

May 24, 2011
Neon Stingray

A generative piece I created online with Silk, by Yuri Vishnevsky. He has also developed a version for iPad (iPhone & iPod coming soon) using donations on Kickstarter.

It’s fun, give it a try!

Generative art is an area I am very interested in and actively exploring. I am currently working on a piece called The Kinetic Approach which uses a combination of modern computers, bygone printing devices, and custom programming . Unfortunately it was not accepted into the "They're All Hybrids" exhibit at Propeller, however I have submitted a proposal to three other galleries and plan to submit a couple more.

I am also planning to expand my programming skills into more visually-based environments such as Apple Quartz Composer, Cycling '74 Max, and Processing.