AWOL Gallery Square Foot Show

August 7, 2011
AWOL Gallery Square Foot Show

Dates: August 5 - 21, 2011
Location: Twist Gallery - 1100 Queen St. West

The Square Foot Show is an interesting exhibition of artwork that is strictly 12" x 12". I decided to participate in the show with 3 pieces that were generated during my week at The Gladstone with The Kinetic Approach.

All three pieces are 11" x 11", archival ink on Washi - Gampi Torinoko White HM. The backing piece is 1/2" black gatorboard with a layer of black art board on top. The Washi is held in place using rare earth magnets which are strongly attracted to a black-painted corner piece of decorative steel. This keeps the Washi from being damaged or pierced.

The 3 pieces in the Square Foot Show are:

  • Polar plots of Legendre polynomials - 2011.07.22
  • Fractal trees - 2011.07.23
  • Recursive fire patterns - 2011.07.24