Sincerely Yours

July 8, 2012
5 one 5

Collaboration with Anthony F. Saad. Selected for Sincerely Yours, 15th Annual Curated Exhibition at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts.

Video installation - a derivative of H2Geneous.

LCD monitor, computer, push button controller, custom software.

Photo by Anthony F. Saad

Description and photos courtesy my collaborator, Anthony F. Saad.

5 one 5 – a video installation that may be controlled by the gallery goer via push button. As the faces flash by, the participant (user) may momentarily pause on any image to explore notions of authenticity versus originality set against the backdrop of community.

Five hundred and fifteen people chose to photograph themselves. In a split second they captured their likeness - can you tell which are sincere and which are not? As you watch the blur of faces, there's an authentic thread or two, or three, can you spot them? Can any be said to be original? As you spend time with each of these faces what is your authentic experience - do you allow yourself time to experience authenticity and if not, can you really contest sincerity with any sincerity?

Technically, the exhibit was set up with a Mac Mini computer running a looped Quicktime video. The controller was a Griffin Technologies USB PowerMate.

Pressing on the button would play/pause the video. Spinning the button would reverse or forward the video. An AppleScript ran in the backround to automatically start the video after it was paused, in case the user walked away while it was paused.